Prettyhowtown–Wednesday Show Recommendation

A steady building ambient electronica that gathers speed and energy, taking listeners on an exploration of the unknown. A sound that feels like it could be the perfect track for exploring the deep sea or wandering through an unihabited tropical island with mystery around every bend. Pocahontas would appreciate it the same way robots appreciate dubstep–it just makes sense. With constant rhythmic beats, it’s music for the high-minded, for watching the river run or even a day of beach yoga. Approriate for both standing still and moving your body through fun and funky dance steps, Prettyhowtown creates an atmosphere that will bring a smiling serenity to your face.

Prettyhowtown is John Noble based here in San Diego. His style is minimal electronica, thick with synth creating an ambient wave of sound. Noble uses a Eurorack modular and effects pedals to create his beats. Currently, he has three albums posted to Bandcamp as he is still a new up and coming DJ. Hydrogen Alpha, Hydrogen Beta and Helium are the titles of his current projects to date. He participates in the Fully Patched Music, a community bringing underground music to San Diego venues. With

See prettyhowtown live tonight at the AC Lounge in Normal Heights!



Foxy Shazam–Tuesday Show Recommendation

A frontman with Freddie Mercury-like qualitites in both his voice and mannerisms can grab anyone’s attention. Mix it with eccentric showmanship, an equally enthusiastic band, catchy pop beats, but an undeniably bad-a** rock quality and you have Foxy Shazam.  It’s a sound that could be described as glam rock, experimental pop, power pop or rock pop. It’s music to pull pranks to, music perfect for danicng around in your underwear or blowing up backyard fireworks.

Foxy Shazam formed in 2004 with a self-motivated passion for music and a self-released debut album. With the attention from their original sound, the band signed to Ferret Records and have since recorded four albums, the most recent Gonzo, came out in April of this year. With a decade of music making in their pockets, the band has evolved and changed with time. Original singer, Eric Sean Nally still fronts the band; although, many members have come and gone over the years. The band currently features pianist Schuyler White, trumpeter Alex Nauth, drummer Aaron McVeigh, guitarist Loren Turner and bassist Daisy Caplan. The band has a reputation for wild, high-energy, over-the-top, bizarre live performances, something you won’t be able to take your eyes off! Nally’s dance moves are beyond wild and he pulls stunts, like eating a pack of cigarettes, to rally his audience to an awe-filled frenzy.

See Foxy Shazam live tonight at the Belly Up  Tavern!

foxy shazam

The Muffs–Saturday Show Recommendation

The Muffs are releasing a new album for the first time in ten years, on July 29th, making their show tonight an exciting preview of what to expect. Their sixth studio album is titled Whoop Dee Woo, releasing on Burger Records which hosts other noteable artists like Cosmosnauts and Free Weed. The band originally formed in 1991 and still includes several of the original members including guitarist/vocalist Kim Shattuck and bassist Ronnie Barnett. Roy McDonald has been their drummer since 1994 and three other members came and went during the nineties. Tonight marks a special occassion as the band helps San Diegans celebrate Comic Con 2014 with their underground pop punk, garage rock.

With over two decades of experience in the music scene, The Muffs have perfected an imperfect sound that is accessible to multi-generational fans who appreciate a classic three-piece rock band. Shattuck’s vocals are a scratchy, passion-fueled moan of punk expresssion. Her voice is not lovely or sweet, but roar of female, self-assured identity; pleasantly pop enough, but never a girlie stereotype. This combined with thunderous clashing cymbols and steady percussion, wild guitar solos for classic rock lovers and a playful, rumbling bassline. It’s music for taking your sweetheart to an underground art exhibition or spending the day making drift wood forts at the beach.

See The Muffs live tonight at the Casbah!

the muffs

Flying Lotus–Friday Show Recommendation

San Diego is the lucky city that Flying Lotus has decreed his take-off point for his upcoming tour. I guess that’s just one more thing we can thank this year’s Comic Con for. Known for his work with Cartoon Network, this experimental artist fits the bill just right. The Adult Swim bumper music was produced by Flylo, the music video for “Zodiac Shit”  on Cosmogramma was produced by Cartoon Network in 2010, and more recent, FlyLo produced a song, “About that time//A Glitch is a Glitch”, for the show Adventure Time.  What makes his work so intriguing, spectacular and undeniably bizarre is the experimental take on electronic music full of glitches, weird time signatures that are described as downtempo, electronic jazz and his multi-genre incorporation that makes you curious if you’re listening to hip hop, electronica, electro, jazz, ambient and so on. He creates a sound that takes you through time and space to places you never imagined you’d go.


Steven Ellison is Flying Lotus, or Flylo to fans. Or Captain Murphy for his rap fans. He is the great-nephew of jazz musicians Alice and John Coltrane proving that music runs in his blood. Listening to his albums or even a live set, this music-pumping blood becomes more evident in the organic nature of his flow and style. Ellison was born to make music and fans and critics alike agree as he continues to recieve positive reviews for his work. Flying Lotus has recorded four studio albums and is currently signed with Warp Records with other notable artist like Hudson Mohawk, !!!, Nightmares on Wax and Mount Kimbie. You’re Dead!, Flylo’s fifth studio album, releases October 7th and leaves no room for doubt that it will be beyond epic. This is a live show you won’t want to miss. The energy Ellison brings to his sets in contagious and he reads the room well, getting his audience worked up into a hyped, feeling-it energy.

See Flying Lotus live tonight at The Casbah! Flying-Lotus2

Aquabats–Thursday Show Recommendation

Aquabats have a reputation for having a wild child attitude about  making music. Their sound is a blend of ska and rock with a classic silliness that breeds that anti-establishment punk-itude. This mentality is also physically represented in their matching band costumes featuring a body suit, blue top with their superhero-themed “A” centralized on their chests, lucha libre belts, silly masks and  classic black shorts ideal for the ‘any man’ (see below).  These guys take music and turn into comedic entertainment that will getting you laughing and bouncing around high on the infectious ska energy.

Tonight’s performance happens to be particularly special. It is the 20th anniversary show for the Aquabats who formed back in 1994 here in southern California! Members have changed, albums have been made, tours have been perpetual, but one thing has always remained: their fun, good-time appeal! With Comic-Con officially kicking off today, this is the perfect way to get in the spirit to celebrate a weekend of the underground, cult-idolized sub-culture from around the world!


See Aquabats live tonight at the House of Blues!