Yelle @Solana Beach–Weekly Show Recommendation (11/2)

The cliches of pop music seem to be less prevalent and less bubble gum when sung in French. Whether this is just an obliviousness towards the lyrical content or the international perspective that helps Yelle seem more radical is irrelevant because there’s something flat out gushing about their electro-pop.

Yelle has produced three full length albums since their inception in 2005. As the trio has progressed as a band their music has had a strong steady backbone of whizzing electro beats and a tricklng momentum in the evolution of the overall sound. Where Pop Up was charming and funky, Complètement Fou is seductive and playful.

Julia Budet’s voice is both strong and feminine without the simplicity of sweetness. As she chants out in rhymic melodies, it feels like the cheerleader who chooses to wear black nail polish and brings all the spice to the otherwise sugary perspective.

Full of energy, this electronica-based sound is made for dancing. I’m not talking about the two step or the shuffle, I’m talking the bizarre and twisted nature of tecktonik dancing that involves all limbs flailing like a groovy squid. It’s music that rings of fun times with good friends. It’s music for drinking straight from the bottle and shaking your thing on the living room dance floor. It’ doesn’t actually matter what you’re doing Yelle will get you grinning in the grimiest way possible.

Yelle performs live this Sunday night (11/2) at The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. From personal experience I can say the live shows are worth attendance thanks to an electric energy that unites the audience in a laugh-out-loud dance party. Don’t miss out!


San Diego Mixtape #5 10/29-11/4!!!

Halloween parties are taking over the city this weekend filling bars, clubs and music venues with costumed natives letting loose. In case that’s not your thing and you’re more into music than drinking, there are plenty of venues with no costume requirements and all kinds of killer acts hitting the city this week including Yelle, Grizfolk and Infected Mushroom. 

Check out what’s happening this week in San Diego in one easy playlist:

Warpaint @ North Park Theatre– Saturday (10-26) Show Recommendation!

Warpaint is four confident, bad ass chicks who reflect their strengths through their work. Capable of being mysterious, playful, intense, strong-willed, reflective and devious there is an undeniable, cool underbelly to Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Jenny Lee Lindberg, Stella Mozgawa and their sound.

The music itself crosses between a dreamy ambient, psychedelic and indie rock. Yet the girls retain a classic rock sentiment which has been stretched beyond it’s limits to reflect a modern demand for a full-bodied sound.

The layered instrumental sounds are enhanced through deep, swirling auto-tuned and harmonized vocals. All the ladies contriubute to the vocals whether hissing, humming, whispering, breathing deeply or out-right singing. The femininity it creates is multi-dimensional true to the nature of women. This seductive warcry that they’ve glaringly highlighted, chants out, “she’ll eat you alive”, “love is to die” and “we’ll rip you up and tear you in two” and yet as terrifying as it should be, it actually pulls you in more– like a succubus.

As impressive as the vocals are, Warpaint is not so simple. Over the years, the girls have attracted a certain attention and support from impressive members of music world including: John Frusciante of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and international music producer Flood (PJ Harvey, Nine Inch Nails and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) who have helped Warpaint become the pointed musicians they are today.

Based out of Los Angeles, the band has released two albums. The most recent, self-titled album has created a stir in the music world recieving positive feedback from taste-makers including Pitchfork and Spin. They’ve had their names on the marquees of some of the most influential venues in the world; not to mention made the bill for several major festivals including Coachella.

Now is your chance for a initimate(ish) Warpaint experience with a live show at the North Park Theatre this Saturday.


San Diego Mixtape #4 10/22-10/28

This week in San Diego, from Wednesday the 22nd to Tuesday the 28th, the music scene is exploding with indie and indie electronica crossovers that will make for some killer nights out on the town. Here’s a look into what’s happening for the week to inspire you to slick back your hair and don your hippest bell bottoms for a true San Diego experience.

Here’s the latest TE mixtape, don’t forget to share!


Washed Out @ North Park Theater (10-16) Show Review

The North Park Theater should take the time to brag just a little bit more. The one-of-a-kind building is a historic 1920s gem that has survived both fleeting and enduring conceptualizations over it’s long existance as the surrounding neighborhood has evolved.The most recent news is big news. This past summer the theater, under new ownership, was tugged and tweaked giving it a much needed face lift and expanded it’s capacity by over 25% now able to host 1,100 guests at capacity.

What this means for us, the San Diego music fans: new epic music. With the increased capacity, new ownership and a partnership with Tim Mays, the owner and booking agent for The Casbah, there has been a huge improvement in the amount and type of musical talent that is being directed to San Diego.

As far as venues go, San Diego has some great finds, but all come with limitations. The Casbah, although a great space, is small with a 220 person capacity. Next in line is the major House of Blues venue in downtown which holds over 1,000 people at capacity, but is owned by Live Nation and has a limited selection of performers. Sleep Train Ampitheatre in Chula Vista is an 18,000 person venue and requires big names to fill the numerous seats. San Diego for this reason seems to be overlooked by many amazing acts that can’t find the appropriate space to host their adoring fans.

This charming new space in central North Park off University Avenue seems to be a perfect solution and fans couldn’t agree more. Since the renovations, the venue has begun to book major acts like Lykke Li and Liars who sold out shows in advance. This month The New Pornographers, Warpaint and Cut Copy are all on the schedule and are promising full audiences.

On that note, Washed Out was booked for Thursday night at the North Park Theatre. As expected, the show sold out in advance, fans show up in stoked droves of nineties-inspired hipsters and the organization was seamless.


The  set began with a bang and as the lights dimmed, the roar of the audience rose. Fans cheered and whipped out their camera phones with excitment to capture the first waves of buzzing synthesizers. The build up of drama as Washed Out fell into their first song was marked with intensity as the smoke machines and glowing stage lights highlighted the silhouttes of the band. Matched with impeccable timing, the lights flew into a frenzy in sync to the erupting music.

The show progressed without a glitch and lead singer Ernest Greene was charming and endearing in his stage presence. Greene used his energy to get the audience riled up into fits of whistles and cheers. He even mentioned that it had been a few years since their last visit to San Diego and we had “stepped up” our game. The enthusiasm was mutual.

By the end of the night the audience was enveloped in a sway of dance as it seemed everyone was on the same level, rolling like a wave. Favorite tracks were played including “New Theory” and “Feel it All Around.” When the set ended, all five members disappeared behind the stage and waited for the cheering audience to seduce them back out for a customary encore which happily involved two additional songs.

The night was easily defined as a success. Were there things that could have gone smoother, of course. However, a pleasant space with consuming music should never be underrated. Washed Out brought their ‘A’ game and created an ambiance of feel good energy.


Washed Out @ North Park Theater (10-16)–Weekly Music Recommendation

The creation of atmosphere through music is essential at least for those of us who love getting lost in a moment. Washed Out capitalizes on this theory with samples of nature noise including everything from the chirps of little creatures to the implication of blooming flowers. We’re brought to a scene of exploration in a dense nature; we’re in a jungle of wonder.

It would be the non-kitschy soundtrack for a less abstract, modern day Alice in Wonderland . This means the more acid you chomp  and the more doobies you inhale before the show the more you’ll understand –philisophically speaking that is.

What makes their sound particularly seductive is a feeling of duality between a world of nature and the inescapable impact of mankind. It’s like staring out the window on a train ride and continuously being wowed by the ecompassing view: between buildings you see trees, behind the skyline you see the moutains, out the left window you see the ocean and out the right you see industrial warehouses glinting with murals of graffitti. There is no better or worse, there is no inherent preference, there is only the acceptance that both exist together simulataneously with beauty threading through every path.

Washed Out formed in 2009 and blew up thanks to mass exposure when Fred Armisen selected “Feel It All Around” as the opening song for his show Portlandia. Ernest Greene is the man behind Washed Out creating an inspiring blend of synthpop, trip hop and chillwave. With two albums under his belt and the support of several record labels including Sub Pop, Greene has proven his eccentric style to be worthy of a listen.

Washed Out performs live tonight at The North Park Theater!


San Diego Music Scene Mixtape #3

This week’s music scene is more than promising; it’s a week for cloning and blowing bucks because you’ll want to be in multiple venues at the same time–all week long. Since that is a current impossibility, press play below to experience the best of the week’s acts all in an hour of your time; whenever and wherever you are.

From 10/15-10/21 San Diego will be pulsating with lovely grooves with an eclectic range that will give everyone something to be happy about. Don’t forget to share with your friends!