Nicky Venus–Tuesday Show Recommendation

Imagine 80s synthpop band, Flock of Seagulls. Now, blend all the members into one dude and add a pair of hipster glasses, crispen the vocals, add dreamy atmospheric sounds and you have Nicky Venus. His music is a pulsation of rumbling beats that can be described as nothing less than fun. His music is perfect for a night of nonchalant glances at potential make-out buddies, inventing dance moves and giving them great names like ‘The Scuba Diver’ or ‘Eating an Eggplant Sandwich’, or drinking cocktails out of unconvential cups akin to a mason jar or empty syrup bottles. You won’t forget to enjoy yourself with Nicky Venus.

Nicky Venus is a San Diego musician who travelled the world to discover himself and in doing so found a sound to call his own. With a self-titled EP (check out his Soundcloud) availabe for free download, Venus is doing his part to get his name and electro-pop music out there. This up-and-coming artist has a lot planned for this fall as he takes a deep plunge into the San Diego music scene. Nicky Venus has been nominated for the San Diego Music Awards’ ‘Best Pop’ artist revealing results October sixth. He is performing at major events this September including  the San Diego Music Thing and the annual Adam’s Avenue Street Fair. Not to mention, he’s booked all over the city at favorite venues like the Belly Up Tavern and the Casbah. Tonight’s event, hosted by 91x’s Radio Halloran, is just the beginning of what will be an epically busy fall of making music to get you grooving under the dim lights of the dancefloor.

See Nicky Venus live tonight at The Merrow!

nicky venus

Whirr–Monday Show Recommendation

Whirr is embarking on a North American tour making San Diego their second stop to help you celebrate Labor Day. Sway, their new album set to release at the end of September. The band formed in 2010, have released two studio albums and a handful of EPs with both Tee Pee and Graveface Records. They’re notorious for creating a sound to knock you off your feet; a sound of endless waves of layered guitar distortion, indomitable drum pulsations and surprisingly soft, melodramatic vocals that at times could be defined as feminine. This post rock/shoegaze is a wave of hypnotic sound that would be perfect after a doobie or heartbreak.

See Whirr live tonight at Soda Bar!


Roxy Jones–Sunday Show Recommendation

Get your Sunday started early with a matinee show at the Casbah featuring San Diego’s indie rock band, Roxy Jones. It’s the perfect afternoon music for taking shots of  Jack Daniels and spending time with childhood friends. At times their sound is the hard rage of adolescence which always seems to seamlessly transition into the slow, simple, melodic rhythms of indie rock melancholy. The sound is not one thick with complexity, but sometimes that’s appreciated when indulging in early day drinking.

Formed in 2010, the band features Darrin Lee, Phillip Dupasquier, Peter Graves and Rose Rock and incorporate special guest musicians for live performances. Becoming a staple in the San Diego music scene, Roxy Jones performs all over the city hitting noteable venues including Soda Bar and Seven Grand. Their recent live performance at Seven Grand was given a jazz twist with special guest Gilbert Castellanos who is a resident jazz artist at the venue. Lullabies and Warcries is the debut album of Roxy Jones that released at the end of 2010. There’s rumors, especially with the bands re-emergence in the San Diego music scene that new material is around the corner for public exposure. With an intriguing foundation already formed, curiosity for the up-and-coming is what sparked this show’s recommendation.

See Roxy Jones Live at the Casbah for a matinee special at 3pm!

roxy jones

Sultan Bathery–Saturday Show Recommendation

I spend a significant amount of time listening to music. This involves going to live shows, listening to favorite records, listening to radio, perusing the music blogs and most obviously, checking out what’s happening in the local music community. In all of this time I spend obsessing about music, it’s rare to find a band that instantly compels me. When I started digging through the local music scene I noticed Sultan Bathery (incorrectly spelled Sultan Bathory) is booked at Tower Bar so with a the quick flick of a wrist and my best friend Google I found a single result–a track titled “Satellite.” The song begins with an instant pull of surf meet psychedelic guitar chords that takes you by the hand, strongly gripped indicating escape is futile, while leading to the promise of great adventure. The beats continue to roll in a distorted barage of lo-fi, garage rock with gritty, belted vocals as the cherry on top. The wicked meet groovy vibes are enticing like a dance with a bottle of whiskey or a bag of magical mushrooms.

From Vicenza, Italy, three childhood friends created a band after travelling to India and discovering a beautiful, but harsh perspective of life. They released their debut EP  through Slovenly Records in 2012 and at the end of February 2014 the band released their first, full-length, self-titled album. It’s a perfect blend of sixties psychedelia, jangle pop and modern distortion-driven atmospheric garage rock that feels catchy without being cliche. Take advantage of a band that will change your night from classic San Diego to a trippy buzz of retro revere.

See Sultan Bathery live at Tower Bar tonight!

sultan bathery

Beehive & The Barracudas–Friday Show Recommendation

A total so-cal punk attitude is what makes Beehive & the Barracudas completely rad. Their bad-a** perspective is a fury of gritty harmonized lyrics, clapping toms and guitar chords that are a smooth, rolling, surf-influenced garage rock that make one’s knees quiver with adrenaline. Sutle synthesizers and distortions are matched with growling, low vocal tones to create a dark, daring edge to the music. Yet the beats pulse with high energy never allowing the music to swoop into melancholy and thus pulling forth an anti-establishment congregation of the like-minded.

Since 1998, this San Diego band has been on several labels including Swami and Flapping Jet and produced six albums along the way. The latest album, Pure Commotion, was released in 2008, but it doesn’t stop the band from touring with an undying freshness that is jive-worthy. The band features guitaristvocalist Dustin Milsap, guitarist/vocalist Gar Wood, drummer Jason Crane and bassist Andy Stamets. Keyboardist Tracy Wooley joined the Barracudas when former female vocalist, Kerry Davis, for whom the Beehive was named, left the band to return home to New York. The quintet has continued to thrive in San Diego and perform at local venues with a fan-appreciated frequency.

See Beehive & the Barracudas live at Whistle Stop tonight!

beehive and the barracudas

Nik Turner’s Hawkind–Thursday Show Recommendation

After seventy-four years of existence, the consumption of fistfuls of drugs, a laundry list of musical projects and the unending desire for self expression, Nik Turner creates a deep-seated curiosity for any music lover. English born Nicholas Turner started his participation in the music world with the clarinet and saxophone and was first inspired by free jazz which is what got him noticed by Hawkind; the band at that point had already been established. After seven years, the band kicked Turner out becasue his presence was dominating and assumably irrating to other members. Comically, he was asked to front the band two years later, large part thanks to his big stage presence, personality and orginality. Over the last few decades, Turner has participated in a multitude of projects, initiated his own musical endeavors and collaborated with other rockers.

What makes this man so memorable goes far beyond his reputation and experience. His free flowing, experimental music is a blast of off-beat rhythms that are unexpectedly fluid. It’s where the jam and the plan meet creating waves of heavy drum, seductive saxophone solos, atmospheric buzzing and the completely bad ass rock attitude. Live shows are notoriously wild with far out costumes, trippy lightshows and a completely involved musician showmanship creating the feeling that you’ve travelled to a different planet. This show is for those who love originality, the weird and lots of stimulation.

See Nik Turner’s Hawkind live at the Casbah tonight!

nik turner

The Eclectic Tuba–Wednesday Show Recommendation

In the modern world of electronica and electronic-based music it’s not surprising to see more bands utilize the duality of old school, big band instruments with electronic distortions, effects, looping and layering. Where electronica has the ability to blend sounds of extraterrestrial adventures with jungle exploration and soft bubbling beats, the tuba, sax and guitar create a funky beat that blasts a retro vibe that could be associated with jazz or any decade before the seventies. At least that’s the schtick of The Eclectic Tuba who makes use of extremely talented musicians and modern electronica to keep beats rolling and fresh.

Formed in 2011 in Alabama, The Eclectic Tuba is a five member band that blends modern electronica and classic funk band beats. All multi-talented musicians the band features tubist/keyboardist/ipad-ist Matt Owen, percussionist/synth player Reuben Rodriguez, drummer Alex Hinson, saxophonist Robbie Rockwell and guitarist Ralph Wheeler. The band’s first album, The Basement Sessions, released in 2011 and they followed it up with Intergalactic Domination in 2013. Their latest album features major artist like Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls, Wayne Coyne of The Flamming Lips and Mike St. Clair of the Polyphonic Spree as well as other interesting collaborators to bring about a full popping sound. Currently, the band is on a two month tour through the U.S. and will be spending considerable time in California.

See The Eclectic Tuba live at Gallagher’s in OB!

eclectic tuba