Cayucas–Tuesday Show Recommendation

Sometimes the most charming music is simple. Something that’s not overworked. Something with a steady beat and a fun hook. The type of music you find yourself toe-tapping or head-bobbing to. Cayucas is sweet with softly chanted, Lo-fi distorted, harmonized vocals. Their simple rythmic percussion, with a tambourine and all, create a bouncy beat. The guitars and bass have that roll that surf rock is notorious for created their surf pop feel. It’s music for tanning by the pool with margaritas, for hanging out at the local coffee shop or pretending to study when secretly you daydream.

Zach and Ben Yudin are brothers from Santa Monica with a fasciniation for California culture. The guys originally released music under the name Oregon Bike Trails and changed their name to Cayucas in 2012. With drummer Casey  Wojtalewicz, the band created a fun, surf-pop sound that captured the attention of Secretly Canadian records, with whom they’re still signed. The label hosts other noteable artists like Nightlands, Yeasayer and Suuns. Their latest album, BIGFOOT released in 2013 and at the beginning of this month the band released the video for “Will the Thrill.” Cayucas is currently in the process of writing new music giving something for fans to look forward to in the near future. And who knows, maybe they’ll surprise San Diegans with a sample of their new work at their show tonight!

See Cayucas live tonight at the Casbah!


Nightmare and the Cat–Monday Show Recommendation

A theme song for pensively sitting in your car, staring out the window at the ocean on an overcast day or taking a spontaneous roadtrip to a city you’ve never expereinced before. Nightmare and the Cat is an indie rock outfit based in the music mecca, Los Angeles. Django’s voice has a slight British accent and styling that could easily have been influenced by Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys or Matthew Bellamy of Muse. His voice is supported and enhanced by vocal harmonizations that are a big boom of build-up that erupts into chaotic swirling guitar, bass and tamborine. Acey’s backup  falsettos are feminine and strong, adding a powerful kick to the otherwise tenderhearted appeal. The cumulative sound is layered vocals, distorted atmospheric guitars and unexpected playful use of instruments that drop in and out to keep things intriguing. It’s music that makes you grin in the sun and walk down the street like a boss, never missing a beat.

Formed by brotheres Django and Samuel Stewart in 2010, Nightmare and the Cat’s first, self-titled EP released in summer of 2011. Other band members include guitarist, vocalist and drummer Claire Acey, drummer Brandon Philips, and bassist Scott Henson. Together, they make high-energy, indie rock that swings between sweet and wild with a fun, feel-good attitude that entices. Their first project became a major success and garnered them an attention-grabbing moment in the spotlight. Now, three years in the making, the band releases their LP, Simple, tomorrow on Capitol Records!

Nightmare and the Cat perform live tonight at the Casbah!


Pride Music Festival–Sunday Show Recommendation

In case you keep your eyes and ears closed at all times and completely missed it, it’s Pride weekend in San Diego! Friday and Saturday events have come to a close, but it’s not too late to participate. If you did take part of the endless  celebration, I hope you conserved enough energy to continue partying for the final day of festivities!

Today is day two of the Pride music festival taking place in Balboa Park. The first day was a major success attracting thousands of attendees decked out in over-the-top costumes, dangling beads, glitter, spandex, rainbow and all the Pride swag imaginable. Sunday will feature recommended artist, Okapi Sun and Deborah Cox will be closing out the main stage. The music will span from 11am to 8pm with a little something for every music palate.

Enjoy and participate in celebrating San Diego Pride for the last day of Pride 2014!

Pride Music Festival–Saturday Show Recommendation

For forty years, San Diego has celebrated Pride in the heart of Hillcrest. Pride takes over San Diego for three days of LGBT appreciation and features a 5k race, a block party, a parade of pure chaos and a two-day, 9-stage music festival which expects over 40,000 attendees.  Artists vary in range from electronic artists to cabaret to hip hop acts. With back-t0-back music lined up from 11am to 10pm, there will be a multitude of performances guaranteed to entertain.

Stages are set in central Balboa Park creating a rainbow clad, neon-wearing, costume hodgepodge of individuals all celebrating diversity. The energy is high, as is the alcohol consumption. Like all festivals, Pride turns into a giant party of unabandon and individual expression. The music becomes the soundtrack to the event as each stage will attract a particular likeness of vibe. Closing out Saturdays events will be Robbie Rivera on the Main Stage. known for his house dance music, Rivera will end the night with a bang and a dance party. Local tech house artists, The Office Twins, headline the Oasis Stage and have a reputation for creating vibrating energy that’s fresh and fun. The Saturday lineup goes on; what’s guaranteed is a good time.

For the full lineup go here: Pride


Alter Der Ruine–Friday Show Recommendation

Alter Der Ruine is a flashback to 90s goth music. The second you hit play on a track, instant images of dimly lit bars, blood red lipstick, neck tattoos and black lace flood the mind. The atmospheric sounds are low and thick like buzzing industrial machines. The clipping of cymbols, the rapid changes in melody and whispered animialistic samples all create a fog that could be the soundtrack to any supernatural movie, featuring creatures crawling out of pitch black forests. The droning vocals, spill from vocalist, Treveloni’s mouth, like a half-hearted cry for the duality of being heard and being obscure. The overall effect, is one of ethereal soundscapes that can be used on the dance floor, in the mosh pit, driving down windy roads or enjoying an overcast day.

Formed in 2005 in Tuscan, Arizona, Alter Der Ruine has gone through many changes over the years. Their sound has evolved from a  dark, powernoise into a gothic, mimimal electro. This may be due to time and experience, but most likely due to the member change. Currently, the band is formed by drummer Mike Jenney, keyboardist Tamara Jenney and vocalist Mike Treveloni. The latest album, I Will Remember It All Differently,  released at the begining of this month on Negative Gain Records. The new album, of course, has inspired a new tour and their shows have a reputation for being consuming, engaging and intense.

Alter Der Ruine perform live at the Kensington Club tonight!

alter der ruine

Some Ember–Thursday Show Recommendation

A ritualistic chant, an airy ambience, a dreary rumble and an industrial clank of time. Their sound takes the 80s synth from Cut Copy and blends it with the eriee, haunting sounds of electronic artists like the Crystal Method. It blends ethereal wave, new wave, dark pop, synth pop, minimal electronica and creates thrash pop. Some Ember is not of this world, creating extraterrestrial moments of escapism. It’s the perfect fit for a movie scene of the main character’s moment of self-discovery as she wanders and hallucinates through a jungle to seek enlightenment. Yes, it can be a bit strange and out there at times, but ultimately the rhythm to the music is addictive and progressive, continuously moving forward into a surprising surge of hyped energy.

Some Ember was formed by Dylan Travis and Nina Chase in 2012, right here in sunny California. The duo releases music on both Night-people and Crash Symbols, making their music a staple in the underground electronic scene. On May 27th, the band released their first non-cassette, full-length, self-titled album through Dream Recordings. The album has been well-recieved in the music community being compared to artists like Haunted Hearts and Crocodiles. Expect to see continuous success from this duo in the near future.

See Some Ember at the Whistle Stop tonight!



The Antlers–Wednesday Show Recommendation

An ambiance that feels like the sting of the fireplace on a cold night or a splash of crisp water on an even colder morning. It’s a sound that breathes with life and there’s movement in every moment. The Antlers  are a Brooklyn based band formed in 2006. The Brooklyn influence is apparent as the band embraces a lo-fi, ambient, dream pop sound. Instrumentally it’s both airy and light which is layered until it creates a full-bodied sound that’s playful and intriguing.

The Antlers began as a project of  Peter Silberman who writes and sings the dreary croons that add to buzzing sense of escapism. Michael Lerner controls the drums with playful use of clipping cymbols. The multi-talented, Darby Cicci masters the trumpet, upright/electric bass, keyboards, synths and vocals. Their first album, Uprooted self-released in 2006. Since then, the band as remained busy touring, making new music and finding fans around the world. Their fifth alubm, Familiars, released a month ago on Transgressive Records with other artists like Flume and Two Door Cinema Club. Make time to experience their lovely sound.

See The Antlers live tonight at the Belly Up Tavern!

The Antlers - Portraits