RAWartist Allure Show–Thursday Show Recommendation

Beautiful San Diego is nothing if not inspiring and thus brimming with talented artists. RAWartist recognizes this and has created a space for local artists, musicians, photographers, painters, hair/makeup artists and designers to come together in support of the creative world.

Tonight is the RAWartist Allure show at the House of Blues and promises a night of enticing and visually stunning entertainment. Local musicians will be present representing the local music culture. Hanging From the Rafters, The Verigolds and Caresa Lynnette will all be performing each from different genres with unique sounds.

Hanging From the Rafters made the TE recommendation back in January for their haunting, ambient electronic music which takes listener’s out of this world in a moment of escapism. Their debut album, Box of Songs, released in 2013 and flows into your pores until you’re brimming with addiction. Check out what makes them so special here!


The Verigolds are a retro-stylized band that takes the chill in San Diego, adds sweetly sung folk vocals with psychedelic twists to inspire flowers in your hair. The band, still being relatively new, has already piqued the interetest of the local music community and made the bill for the San Diego Music Thing taking place next month.

the verigolds

Caresa Lynnett is a San Diego soul singer whose voice is a thick slurppie of indulgence. Paired with hip hop/trip hop beats her sound sets away all fears and connects listeners with the present moment making them feel a range of emotions from sinful to delicate to raw.

caresa lynett

The music is just one part of the big picture for tonight’s event guaranteeing no lack of entertainment. Be prepared to discover a new perspective on the San Diego life tonight at the House of Blues from 6:30-10:30!



Sylvan Esso–Wednesday Show Recommendation

If you’ve ever sat at home on a Sunday night with a partner, lit the room with candles and alternative lighting, put on your favorite jams and just watched the other person letting them be the inspiration for your unplanned night’s adventure–then you can understand the feeling of Sylvan Esso. Their sound is a trippy burst of thick and twisted samples that call out and respond to a beautifully playful female voice; one of those voices akin to Bjork or Merrill Garbus of the Tune-Yards. It’s a dialog between sounds, a playful compliment of opposing forces and a fluid intricacy that makes this band special. Defined as electro-pop there are also elements of indie-electronic, synthpop, indie pop and trip hop. The pulsating bubbles, breezy atmospheric energy and clipping samples are enough to inspire deep breathes of inner beauty flowing outward into the world.

The magic of this duo is their organic chemistry. When Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn began collaborating in 2013, it was with ease and an undeniable spark in their connection with muisc that left nothing more to be desired. Under the name Sylvan Esso, the pair gained instant acknowldegement for their unique spin on electro-pop. The band signed with Partisan Records with other artists like Pure Bathing Culture and Meath’s other project Mountain Man. Their debut, self-titled album released in May of this year and they already began touring an epic U.S. and international tour that is selling out fast! Their intuitive music is raw and addictive making them one of the few bands who really have thrived in their first year together.

See Sylvan Esso live at the Casbah tonight!


DWNTWN–Tuesday Show Recommendation

I find that dreams are seldom sweet. They’re often obscure, abstract, terrifying, confusing or all too real, but despite the night time send off of ‘sweet dreams’ it’s not a common actuality. Music is one of the things that makes me believe anything is possible and DWNTWN makes me believe dreams can be sweet. It’s the soft echoes of lead singer Jamie Leffler’s breathy voice and the sythesized atmospheric sounds that pulsate gently that really take listeners to the place of subconscious possiblity. This sentiment is not to be mistaken for dull or given the dreaded definition of “girlie music,” but has enough edge and bpm to energize a room with good vibes.

DWNTWN is a Los Angeles based band signed to independent label, Jullian Records. The band has four members with guitarist/vocalist Robert Cepeda, keyboardist/bassist Chris Sanchez, drummer Dan Vanchieri and as mentioned above lead vocalist Leffler. Their self-titled EP released this year, but is not the first of their work having previous tracks out in 2012. Their sound is best described as indie pop with a dreamy/synthpop feel that’s washed over with delays and distortions. It’s music perfect for wavvy bohemian hair, a high-low dress, platform wedges and men who wear suspenders.

See DWNTWN live tonight at Soda Bar!


The Fresh & Onlys–Monday Show Recommendation

San Fransisco’s music scene has always been booming, is booming and always will be booming. With an ever present appreciation for eclectic music styles it’s noteworthy that at the end of the day the city is still strongly associated with the acid folk/psychedelic movement that worshiped The Greatful Dead and trippy, drug-friendly music that erupted during the 1960s. The movement, although no longer in it’s climax, is still potent and alive. The Fresh & Onlys are an excellent example of just that. Their style is a blend of psychedelic rock, acid folk, jangle pop and garage rock with an undeniable West Coast vibe that has a tinge of a surf rock feel that would even make Quentin Tarantino’s eyes light up with interest.

In six years the band has released eight EPs, LPs and albums. The constant stream of new music keeps the band feeling fresh, like their namesake, and shows their dedication to the gig. Their latest album, House of Spirits, released at the beginning of summer and is a trippy journey from beginning to end. The energy is full of layered guitars and bass that buzz with a certain repitition that is never boring, but more akin to hypnosis as the repetitive nature and layers pull your mind in. The band has been touring the last month and a half promoting their latest work and are finally making their way down to San Diego for a show!

See The Fresh & Onlys live tonight at the Casbah!


Grouplove–Sunday Show Recommendation

An anthem for indviduality. A sound to represent those moments when we’re torn on whether to be truthful and kind or wild and spontaneous. A band to bring a sense of delightful presence in the moment making grins spread on listener’s faces. There’s no single thing that makes Grouplove ear-worthy, but a combination of enchanting and unique sounds. The swinging call of female and male vocals are complimentary bringing a warmth to the pit of your stomach; it’s like a familiar conversation enhanced by purred out harmonies. There’s a wild psychelic base of experimental synthesized sounds that are fresh and flirty and so perfectly indie rock. Although, their sound could fall under a multitude of genres and have been described as indie pop, synthpop, alternative rock and psychedelic pop. Maybe it’s just the mysteriousness of their apt ability to bring together such energized sounds with quite playful arrangements in a way that makes you want to put their album on repeat over and over again.

From London, Brooklyn and Los Angeles, Grouplove is a hodgepodge of musical backgrounds that meld together in a truly symbiotic way. The scope of perspective and the closesness between the five members allows for the creation of an infectious sound. Grouplove formed in 2009 and by the end of 2010 they were signing with Canvasback Music/ Atlantic Records and began a nationwide tour with Foster the People hitting major venues packed with adoring fans. Almost a year ago, the band released their second and most recent album, Spreading Rumors. Now, the band is back on tour again this time with a new bassist, Daniel Gleason, and co-headling alongside Portugal.The Man.

See Grouplove live at the Open Air Theater at SDSU!


Beach Day–Saturday Show Recommendation

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” the eighties anthem by Cyndi Lauper, even with it’s bubbly simplicity has turned into a truism for girl bands. Luckily, these girl bands rock (I’m not talking about the Pussycat Dolls or Hannah Montana–puuhleassseee) with a sense of individualism and self-expression; Beach House is one of these mutli-talented bands making music perfect for dancing around like no one’s watching or smoking cigarettes in a dimly lit alleyways with cateyes and red lipstick the unspoken uniform. Although, the pep does have a necessary limit; added in is a dash of melancholy and narcissm which are blended subtly and are truly only evident to the like-minded. Beach House has a clear, cohesive sound that flirts with pop harmonies, 60s rock beats and rolling guitar riffs making it soulful and playful simultaneously.

Beach Day is a three-piece, Florida based band that formed in 2011. Their debut album, Trip Trap Attack was positively recieved for their soulful, bad a** girl rocker sound. Following up this success, their second album, Native Echoes, is due out on August 19th! This album is posted streaming on Youtube and is availble for your inevitable pre-order. Beach Day is signed to Kanine Records with other noteable artists inlcuding Braids, Chairlift, Surfer Blood and Grizzly Bear making them an artist to keep an ear on. What makes this band addictive and memorable is the strong lead female vocals akin to Dee Dee Penny of the Dum Dum Girls and a certain amount of soul that would make Jessica Hernandez from the Deltas proud. It’s a little surfy, a little garage rock, a little 60s rock and yet completely modern with plenty of distortion and perky energy.

See Beach Day at the Kensington Club tonight!

beach day

The Helio Sequence–Friday Show Recommendation

With a thickly synthesized, reverbing sound, The Helio Sequence is perfect for the high-minded, for the nature-minded or for the melancholic-minded who are seeking the emotional guidance to be present in the moment. Something about the buzzing, pulsating and vibrating  atmospheric sounds makes it easy to get lost in thought or lost in the moment. Listeners can feel the effects of the music as it surrounds and closes in, eventually washing in waves over skin and minds alike. Not exactly celebratory music, The Helio Sequence will create a palpable energy that brings together a like-minded crowd of stoners and melancholies making the perfect night for those who prefer the chill to the wild.

The Helio Sequence is a two man band formed by Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel in 1996. Based out of Oregon, they’re part of the psychedelic movement that seems to have erupted on the West Coast with more fervency than anywhere else in the U.S. The duo has seven albums to their name and are signed with Sub Pop records who hosts The Head and the Heart who made the recommendation earlier this week as well as previous recommendees Father John Misty and Rose Windows. Their most recent album, Negotiation, was released in 2012 and has the most modern take on their sound yet. Utilizing vintage equipment like analog synth and spring and plate reverbs, the band has created an ever evolving sound; despite the step in time back for equipment it has modernized their sound giving it a dreamy, synth-heavy atmospheric sound that allows listeners to escape in their own heads. The Helio Sequence is a rolling ball of sound that vibrates off skin with an addictive intensity.

See The Helio Sequence live tonight at the Casbah!

The Helio Sequence 4 (2012)